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Inhomogeneous linear equation-linear solver

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    inhomogeneous linear equation--linear solver

    Dear friends,

    I am working on a system of coupled inhomogeneous equations of motion having form as follows.
    i \frac{\partial}{\partial t }= \left(\frac{-1}{2\;m} \frac{\partial^{2}}{\partial x^{2}} + A(x,t)\;\frac{\partial}{\partial \;x}+B(x,t) \right) + Q(x,t)

    I use the crank-nicolson algorithm to solve this equation (A.x=B). but the solution is not stable.

    I tried to implement the scheme coined by H. G. Muller (Laser physics 9 (1999), 138) to increase space accuracy but the d/dx term gives rise to non-tridiagonal matrix. I have very little experience in solving tridiagonal equations.

    Can any one suggest a linear solver that can solve A.X=B with A being a matrix with two upper diagonals and two lower diagonals ?

    Any other way to solve such a system?
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