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Injector Tester

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    Hello all. I have a project to make the injector tester for CRI engine. Any ideas how to measure volume / injection ?

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    There are all sorts of injector testers on the market to buy and there all very simple in how they work. If i were you id copy there design and it shouldnt take to much time or money.
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    In the market generally is testing carburetion, but how to measure the volume/injection of fuel I have not found. But thanks for the advice.
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    Playing with injectors and common rail fittings can give parts of your body a diesel fluid injection. That will lead to local trauma and often a Clostridium infection.

    Perhaps measure the exhaust temperatures. If they are all similar then injector volume is OK.
    The alternative is to catch the spent fuel while counting 1000 injections and measure the volume.

    If you inserted a flow meter in a high pressure CR supply adapter to one injector you could get a direct reading. There are a few ways I see to do this accurately.
    Firstly; A low technology thermal mass flow meter.
    Secondly; Ultrasonic Doppler flowmetry.
    Thirdly; Laser Doppler Velocity.
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    All else being equal, shouldnt you be able to measure the explosive energy (by the displacement behavior of the piston) of the fuel air mixture and using molar fractions calculate the amount of moles of combustible released into the chamber?
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