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Ink on plastic

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    I want to put some permanent ink on disc golf discs, i don't know if any of you are familiar with these frisbee type discs...

    I was wondering what the best kinds of ink to use are and how to apply the ink to the disc so that it does not run. i have no experience in this type of work so it's just a little art project.
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    Sharpie® Ultra Fine Tip Permanent Markers
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    are you meaning ink that runs through the plastic, or on top of it? if you want the ink to be inside you would have to do that during the manufacturing process. ink on top of the plastic? some kind paint that is all weather proof i suppose.
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    well, i see the dyes that come out of the factory and obviously the ink is under the final glossy coat... but then i've seen some post-production dyes that look as if they were factory done. The discs are made of a transluscent plastic and what they're doing is dyeing it from the back, so the front still looks perfect. But it's some kind of ink that 'seems' to be penetrating the plastic pretty deeply opposed to sitting on the back surface.
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    you can always experiment with Rit dye (you can buy it a the grocery store or craft stores). there are many forms of plastic made, so it really depends on the exact type of plastic the discs are made of. at my company we use all kinds of different plastics in the filaments made in our brushes. i haven't gotten into the technical part of it in my company, but i know it gets a little complicated when it comes to mixing with certain chemicals.

    colors are so much fun :smile: i play with them all the time when it comes to beads and fabric :shy:
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    thanks ker :) i'll try the rit dye. I've been trying to find out the exact type of plastic but it seems to be a trade secret.
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    yea, especially if the brands have a patent i am sure it will be. you can always make a lot of money by producing your own discs and incorporating art within them. of course that takes a lot of start up costs :smile: anything that is unique and artsy will be sure to sell.
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    well, i just want to have the phattest disc golf bag on the planet :smile:

    what kind of material should i look for for a ... a stencil, is that what they're called? Hehe i truly am ignorant of this subject so any tips you could lend... being a pro and all.
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