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Inner molologue

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    Why do we have inner monologue? Is this known to exist in any other creatures?
    Sometimes I find it annoying. I am capable of splitting mine into four simultaneous threads and sometimes if I am focusing on one of them too much and forget to stop another the one in the background will start repeating the same thing over and over and over. Wicked annoying. Anyway, I see no real need for this talking to myself in my own head. I am my own mind, if I know something already then why would I need to take time and make an effort to actually say it "out loud" in my head.
    I do use it in a few different ways. I use it to organize things like lists and re-order lists to make things more efficient. This is much easier than writing them down. I also like to watch movies when I am bored. I can watch all of Billy Madison with every little detail while on a long car trip or waiting in line. Of course it helps that I have seen that movie a million times in real life. I also talk to God using inner monologue. If I need help with something or am feeling thankful or happy, or even sad, I just let Him know. He doesn't answer, don't call the men in white coats just yet. It just helps me. I also believe that my talking to God in my head proves my belief in Him. Don't get offended, I didn't say it proves His existance. I didn't learn to talk to God in my inner monologue, I always just did. I think that means that I believe.
    What about telekinesis? Can this inner monologue develope into a way to talk to others in their head. We might be one consciousness, so we are all in the same head.
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    I find writing out my inner monologue helps.
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