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Medical Inner monologue

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    Is anyone currently researching the inner monologue? Where can I find information about experiments to alter the inner monologue? Are there any websites which have "audio tools" which, when listened to, can positively alter the tone and function of the inner monologue?

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    If by monologue, you mean that self-talk stuff, Cognitive Behavioral therapy is the fast track, got money to burn, try psychoanalyis.

    Personally its more like a dialogue or on really bad days a trialogue, Joni Mitchell said it best (tho I believe the song was written by someone else).

    My analyst told me
    That I was right out of my head
    But I said dear doctor
    I think that its you instead
    Because I have got a thing
    Thats unique and new
    To prove it Ill have
    The last laugh on you
    cause instead of one head
    I got two
    And you know two heads are better than one.
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    this is part of the research into dreams and imagination- from what I have gathered it seems the general framework of imagined qualia like inner monologue or imagined images/sounds is that they are essentially the same activity as with direct sensory stimulation- both seeing a car and thinking of/remembering seeing a car fire the same patterns of activity in the visual cortex- the main difference appears to be that the sensory receptors are not active themselves- the brain essentially makes you see again something based on what you saw before [with imagination it's a novelty of different parts of remembered images] but since the actual sensory receptors of your eyes aren't being stimulated by the brain retriggering the visual cortex acivity you don't physically see what you imagine- yet you can visualize it very vividly-
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