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Inner product

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    I was reading "Principles of Quantum Mechanics" - Shankar, and I'm having trouble understanding the inner product. Can someone help me or link me to a site that explains it?

    The axioms of the inner product are

    1. [tex]\langle V|W\rangle = \langle W|V\rangle^*[/tex]

    2. [tex]\langle V|V\rangle \geq 0\ \ \ \ \ 0 \ \ iff\ \ |V\rangle = |0\rangle[/tex]

    3. [tex]\langle V|(a|W\rangle +b|Z\rangle ) \equiv \langle V|aW+bZ\rangle = a\langle V|W \rangle +b\langle V|Z \rangle[/tex]

    Given that [tex]|V\rangle[/tex] and [tex]|W \rangle[/tex] can be expressed in terms of their basis vectors,

    [tex]|V \rangle = \sum_i v_i |i \rangle[/tex]

    [tex]|W \rangle = \sum_j w_j|j \rangle[/tex]

    Shankar says "we follow the axioms obeyed by the inner product to obtain"

    [tex]\langle V|W \rangle = \sum_i \sum_j v_i^*w_j\langle i|j \rangle[/tex]

    I don't understand how this comes about?

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    What is your mathematical background? In most basic abstract algebra courses and even some linear algebra courses you will go into inner products and inner product spaces.
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    Oh I just finished highschool and I'm trying to occupying myself in the holidays

    (actually nevermind I was able to get it with some help from a friend)
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