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Innovation or stupidity :P

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    http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/2314/97254530.jpg [Broken]
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    Stupidity. The guy would be dead in a minute or so from asphyxiation.
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    I can't even tell what he's doing. Is he kicking the windmill?
    I don't see the purpose of that set up.
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    the reason why windmills use wind to turn them is because wind is a nearly infinite source of power as long as it's blowing. If the guy (or something else) pushed on the windmill, all of his energy would go directly into generating electricity. So why not just have the guy do something else that doesn't involve a giant vacuum chamber.
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    I'd suggest submitting it to the Department of Energy. May get some funding to develop this idea.

    Would we have to convert our grid to 9v?

    Oh and for patent protection update the battery type to rechargeable, so your patent doesn't get trumped with a superior design, however unlikely the possibility of something being superior to this.
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    http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/9827/41973280.jpg [Broken]
    Version 2 for the first reply.
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    Remember, Newton's law of inertia ??
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    Just get it moving somehow, initially.
    OK, assume that the man in the picture is Bruce Banner and he'll hurt his leg doing so and his heart rate will increase == HULK!!!

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    Perhaps these pictures were intended to be funny, but the only thing they do is they break the forum formatting because they are too wide.
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    You've only delayed the issue because that oxygen tank can only last a finite amount of time. He will die soon. Physics demands this.

    Seriously though, this idea is stupid and I hope you realize this. The instant someone tries to draw a current (in other words, actually use the electricity), the turbines will come to a stop via Lenz's law. I actually did this once in class as it is very easy to show. I setup a steam turbine generator system and boiled some water to spin the sucker. It setup a good 10-12V AC potential. Then I hooked up a small 1 watt incandescent light bulb to the generator , allowing current to actually flow. The instant I connected it, the generator stopped dead in its tracks. The back EMF stopped the turbine just as any actual load on your hypothetical system would stop the turbines immediately as well.
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    remember conservation of energy and friction?
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    I thought it was one of those make funny comments threads.

    The idea of it as a practical joke is far far better then it as a practical idea.
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    Hmmm...Seems like a flaw.It needs a bit of a thought, though :P
  16. Apr 20, 2012 #15
    "gigantic vacuum chamber"
  17. Apr 20, 2012 #16
    Sorry, for the dimensions
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    And the friction on the mechanisms and via the magnetic field :rolleyes:
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    Since you have the battery shorted out all this setup will do is create a very hot wire and/or blow the battery.
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    Thus, killing the guy.

    See, the guy always dies.
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    Maybe the purpose of the device is to kill the guy in an innovative way.
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