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Inorganic Analysis(Cations & Anions)

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    Can someone help with these questions:

    a)Silver nitrate is added to a solution and a precipitate forms. This precipitate dissolves when concentrated ammonia is added. What anion was present in the original solution?
    b)When dilute hydrochloric acid is added to a solution, a gas is evolved. If this gas is passed through a solution containing calcium hydroxide, a white precipitate forms. What anion was present in the original solution?
    c)You are provided an aqueous solution which is blue. Addition of dilute hydrochloric acid produces a precipitate. The precipitate dissolves when the solution is heated to boiling. What two cations were in the original solution?

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    surely you would get a table of anions and colour precipitate, with whether it dissolves completely in conc. ammonia.
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    No, these questions we have to answer b4 going to the lab. So can someone give a hint on how to answer them?
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    I hope u got the sheet which u hav to mugup ... lol and giv 1/2 hr daily 2 study tht ....hope it helps ! :devil:
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    First post? So you apparently created an account just to write a unintelligible response to a post that's from five years ago?
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