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Inorganic Chemistry by Khadakov

  1. Nov 8, 2012 #1
    Hello all!
    I have been searching for a good inorganic chemistry book. I came across the book Inorganic Chemistry by Khadakov. This book is by MIR Publishers which is the reason i have made this thread. Unfortunately, since this isn't a popular book, i found no reviews and preview for this book. Its available in my country, some Indian publishers are republishing MIR books. I am interested in buying this because books by MIR on Physics and Mathematics are great but i have no idea about the Chemistry books by them. I hope some of you may own a copy of it, please kindly share your views on this book.

    Thank you!

    PS: Can someone post the table of contents for this book? I would like to know if it covers those topics which are taught in my course.
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    I couldn't find it in the world's largest (book)shop (amazon.com). It must be something exotic.
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    Yes, it isn't available there, that's why i made this thread. Its available at some Indian online stores. The cover page of the book says it is by MIR Publishers.
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    MIR Publishers are out of date in use. you definitly talk about I E Irodov and Krotov's Physics books and I A Maron ,G N Berman ,S L Loney etc. one thing to be must noted that MIR was not the original publishers of that Russian Books they only translate it from Russian to English.

    If it is not popular then not use it as you have only one reason that it is published by MIR.
    I am giving you an example the Feynman Lectures on Physics by CalTech and Berkeley Physics Course by UC Berkeley both published in 1965 is still in use worldwide but Harvard Physics Series by Harvard University published in 1980 not in a wide use today.

    You are from India (and if in 12th) you have only three catogeries of competiton.
    1.Advance placement test in Chemistry - go to college board website for recommended chemistry books.
    2.IIT-JEE - First use NCERT and then look up to last page of Bibiliography. also look on Stikanth's blog jee 2008 AIR#1.
    3.Chemistry Olympiad - http://olympiads.hbcse.tifr.res.in/subjects/chemistry/references [Broken]
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