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Inorganic crystal structure theory for linear birefringence

  1. Apr 6, 2010 #1
    There is a crystal structure relationship for circular birefringence which can tell you if a crystal structure will have circular birefringence and its handedness (left,right) (e.g. "On the origin of optical activity in crystal structures" J. Appl. Cryst. 1986. 19, 108-122, A. M. Glazer and K. Stadnicka) and even a crystal structure computational formalism (e.g. Theory and computation of optical rotatory power in inorganic crystals Acta Cryst. 1986. A42, 560-569 V. Devarajan and A. M. Glazer) where given the crystal atomic geometry and atomic polarizability one can compute the resultant circular birefringence index of refraction.

    These two circular birefringence papers relate/give the physical property specifics that can be related to produce the photon behavior (a physical cause and effect relationship).

    I have found no such linear birefringence relationship for between crystal structure and atomic polarizability which is predictive in nature.

    Question ---- Does a one exist? If So, please give me a reference.
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