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Homework Help: Inorganic Qualitative tests on aluminium

  1. Mar 1, 2007 #1
    Hi all,
    Am having a bit of trouble with the chemistry behind 3 tests on aluminium.
    The first i think is straight forward. Adding an aluminium water mix to some ammonium hydroxide and then warming. I think this gives me ammonia gas is this true?
    Then the second is with the same mix of aluminium water (Al(H2O)6 3+) add some NaOH then a few drops of sodium alizarin sulphonate. Here the solution goes purple. After adding some acetic acid it goes pink/light orange. What is the equation for this.
    Then finally soaking ashless filter paper in the aluminium water mix then adding a few drops of cobalt nitrate soln. then burning it. A colour change of purple was observed, but what is the reaction that has taken place?

    Thanks a lot
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