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Input on cruises - N.E. U.S.

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    I'm looking into taking a cruise in August but have never been on one.

    - I'd like to drive there from Toronto, so port of departure and port of return will have to be within driving distance of Toronto (Anywhere on the New England coast works, as does the Mississippi and Martime Canada.)
    - I'm not looking for a massive $5000 cruise, I'm looking for a <$2000 cruise.
    - my window, incudling travel time, is Aug 3-12.
    - things I'd do if I could: scuba dive, sail, tall ship cruise

    What is the best way to research cruises?

    Vacations-to-go advertizes ridiculous savings (35-50% off brochure prices) which make me suspicious. Can anyone vouch for this method?

    Is a travel agent a good way to go? Will I get robbed?

    Any advice appreciated.
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