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Inquisition on Dimensions

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    When all 3 dimensions are one... isn't it just one straight line capable of going in all directions? Example : One could take a straight line and point out into space at any direction, twist it, turn it, do flips, wave it around etc.

    And do all 3 dimensions permit for time, or does time allow for the dimensions to be accessed and observed? (my understanding of time is motion resulting in the change of energy, or the change of energy resulting in motion)
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    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    You lost me in the first 5 words of your question. Please rephrase your question.
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    I was okay with the first five. The sixth word, however, created the logical fallacy 3=1. That's where I stopped reading.
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    doeent make sens!!!
    but then its more than one line its multiple lines all going in diferent dimentions

    ie a line going one way is already in 2 dimentions (a point is 1 dimentional) a diferent direction causes it to either stay in 2 dimentions or split into three.

    Time is the fourth dimention IE Hypercube or just another direction
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    Andrew Mason

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    In space, you need three coordinates to specify a point. That point is a combination of three mutually perpendicular vectors. If two points have the same three co-ordinates in a particular reference frame, they are the same point in space.

    Events, however, require space and time co-ordinates. Two events can have the same space coordinates but not be the same events. If two events have the same space and time coordinates, then they will be the same events or the same point in space-time.

    That is all we mean by space having three dimensions and space-time having four dimensions.

    Time is a difficult thing to define. The concept of time is inextricably tied to space, matter and change.

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    Thank you very much Andrew. Appreciation is of the up most. I need a better understanding of these things. The more I grasp of every field, the more discoveries I make. This helped a bunch. My imagination thanks you for lending it some more creative and colorful juice to blend :)
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