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Inrtinsic equations

  1. Jan 21, 2009 #1


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    Anyone know of a program/application/applet that will plot/graph intrinsic equations ?
    (preferably free)

    I've already had suggestions for KmPLot and Maxima, but neither, it seems, can do the job.
    KmPLot is mainly for Linux and I'm on Win XP. (also Vista)
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    Try Origin, it's the best for this. But it is not free.
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    Thanks. I've downloaded the evaluation copy. But I can't find any reference to "intrinsic" in the help files.. There's nothing in the plot menu about intrinsic equations either.

    The intrinsic equaion for the parabola is,

    s = a tan(psi) sec(psi) + a log(tan(psi)+sec(psi)).

    How would I use Origin to plot this?

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    create new graph
    go to menu Graph/add function graph/then copy-paste your equations, or use the drop down menu to choose elementary functions to combine them into your formula.

    And they have an excellent forum there http://www.originlab.com/forum/default.asp
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    Thanks for the input Trebmling, but I'm wondering if we have been talking at cross purposes.

    An intrinsic equation, of the form s=f(psi), passes through the origin. s is the distance along the curve from the origin to a point of interest and psi (or tan(psi)) is the slope of the curve at the point of interest. (In other words, s and psi are not rectangular/Cartesian coordinates, or polar coordinates.)

    I've been to the Origin forum and posted my query there - "how do I use Origin to plot an intrinsic equation?" - using the above description of an intrinsic eqn. I've had no responses.

    I can go into Origin, create a new graph, and give a function, which will be F(x)=cos(x), say - a Cartesian equn. I can tell Origin to treat this as a polar eqn. But can I tell Origin to treat it as an intrinsic equation?

    This is what I still can't get.
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