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Insect identification

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    We were walking down a Brooklyn sidewalk the other day under several trees when we spotted this insect lying motionless (except when the wind blew, it moved its legs a little to rotate itself). We didn't get too close, as it looked like it could give a bad sting. It has two pairs of long veined wings, like a dragonfly's, and is about 3-4 cm long, so it is much larger than an ant, even though its' body appears similar. What is it?

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    Curious looking bug...it looks like the abdomen is split. I Googled using winged insect bifurcated abdomen, and also winged insect lobed abdomen. Didn't see anything like it.

    But I'm not an entomologist...surely someone here will know it, though.
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    Thanks for the effort. If only there was a Google for image matching! :D
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