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Insect in my bedroom!

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    Just now, i found a flying bug in my bedroom. The insect was greyish in colour, and when i tried to kill it, it will flap its wing and release some brown spore/powder. Anyone has any idea if the insect a dangerous one? and the brown thingy released too?

    P.S. I killed it by wrapping tissue paper over it and squeeze.......
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    I'm afraid that I know nothing of insect life in other parts of the world. Here, I would say that it's a moth from your description. If so, the larvae are dangerous to your wardrobe, but they're otherwise harmless. Your best bet is to ask a local source who is more familiar with the area. Also, you could post a picture of it.
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    birds release on taking flight
    it makes them lighter
    so I would supect your moth did too
    nasty but normal brown stuff not dangerus
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    I would only start to worry if you get the sudden urge to spin a silk like bundle to sleep in.
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    Perhaps if you drew a rough picture of it?
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