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Insects and spiders

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    How do they survive from being hit by (to them) huge water droplets.

    I just tried to wash a spider down the shower, and the little sod resisted my efforts and scampered away.
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    If I slipped a 100-kg pillow of soft down onto your head, would you survive that?

    Besides, spiders are evil, and therefore, immortal. :smile:
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    Immortalized in "Itsy Bitsy Spider", IIR.
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    This is the answer I have been seeking!
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    Even if someone were to dump a 100L barrel of water on your head all at once, I doubt you would die. Why would you expect any different from a spider?
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    Ants are experts at fitting into the grooves in your shoes. You could step on one a bajillion times and still not kill it.
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    You could have at least offered him a teeny bar of soap.

    I'm glad I'm not a spider...can you imagine shaving all those legs?
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    I think that just before the water hits 'em, their spidey sense tingles.
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    I thought their legs don't have hairs :confused:

    Killing them with water droplets is more like a torture as they don't get killed instantly. I prefer to swat them. If I were a spider I would also like a strong swat over big water droplets.
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    Don't kill spiders. They eat worse pests. In my house they eat rats.
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    Do you have one of those bird eating tarantulas or something as a pet, or do you just live in Chernobyl?
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    In my house, they eat me. I was bitten by a recluse spider and have a small crater in my calf from the bite that finally stopped oozing after close to a year. The pain was excrutiating.
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    Holy mother of pearl!
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    Just nail 'em when they fall.

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    Different scale, different forces ratio. Plus right combination of hydrophobicity and surface tension. If you want to drown the spider (or any other insect), don't use just water - use water with some detergent.
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    As I said, they are evil. Worse than the Nazgul. I'm glad, but not surprised, you survived your encounter, Evo. :smile:
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    Holy heck, if I saw a spider in my house large enough to eat a rat I would crap myself!
    I say this as a grown, able bodied man.
  20. Jun 30, 2010 #19
    The same thing happened to my sister, she still has a wicked scar and you can see the gap it left in the muscle. A guy at boot camp got bitten three or four times on his back while sleeping. He was in the hospital for months and ended up getting discharged with full disability. It changed his quality of life. Brown recluses are no joke - awful stuff.

    Talking about spiders is making my skin crawl a little.
    (Now that I think about it I guess my fear is selective, I hate them and will freak out when one touches me, but my girlfriend doesn't like them and when I saw one on her arm last weakend I picked it up real quick and threw it on the ground. I told her it was a beetle... then I checked to make sure it didn't somehow climb back on me. I hate the annoying little necessary bastards.)
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    Water can crush a car.
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