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Insert a new line in TeXShop

  1. Nov 21, 2010 #1
    I'm having the following problem in TeXShop - how can I put two equations in two separate lines?
    Thus far I have something like:

    Code (Text):
     p_y = s \cos \alpha \\
     p_x = s \sin \alpha
    But I still get the two on the same line..
    Help would be very much appreciated
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    You need to use one of the multiline environments.
    The most basic of which is array (used inside \[\])
    The best is probably (as long as you're using the amsmath package)
    Code (Text):
     p_y &= s \cos \alpha \\
     p_x &= s \sin \alpha
    where the ampersands (&) are alignment markers.
    This produces
    p_y &= s \cos \alpha \\
    p_x &= s \sin \alpha

    For more details see
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    Many thanks!
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