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Inserting equations

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    1. How to insert equations?
    2. How to make a html web page with equations?
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    Gokul's link show how to insert equations on this website.

    In order to include equations on your own website, you need to provide a Latex capability or resort to saving each equation as an image and then inserting into your html page as an image (this sucks!).
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    how to resort Latex capabilities?
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    how to insert latex equations in a web page????????????????????
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    You're probably best to ask this in one of the technology subforms if you want Latex capabilities on you're webserver. Otherwise, resort to what BobG said about saving the Latex as images and inserting them in your page with HTML. I think Greg stated that he wouldn't like you generating personal Latex images using this site (check Gokul's link.)
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    this is a test


    \usepackage{sparticles} %Package for displaying sparticle names.
    \usepackage{feynmf} %Package for feynman diagrams.
    \author{William Ruddick}
    \title{Example Selectron Feynman Diagrams}

    \begin{tabular}{cccccccccccccccc} %Adds several centered Columns

    \begin{fmffile}{one} %one.mf will be created for this feynman diagram
    \fmfframe(1,7)(1,7){ %Sets dimension of Diagram
    \begin{fmfgraph*}(110,62) %Sets size of Diagram
    \fmfleft{i1,i2} %Sets there to be 2 sources
    \fmfright{o1,o2} %Sets there to be 2 outputs
    \fmflabel{$e^-$}{i1} %Labels one of the left sources
    \fmflabel{$e^+$}{i2} %Labels one of the left sources
    \fmflabel{${\ensuremath{\erlpm}}$}{o1} %Labels one of the right outputs
    \fmflabel{${\ensuremath{\erlpm}}$}{o2} %Labels one of the right outputs
    \fmf{fermion}{i1,v1,i2} %Connects the sources with a vertex.
    \fmf{fermion}{o1,v2,o2} %Connects the outputs with a vertex.
    \fmf{photon,label=$\gamma/Z^0$}{v1,v2} %Labels the conneting line.

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