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Inserting Pictures Into Latex

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    Hello everyone. How do you insert pictures into a LaTeX document? Say I have a jpeg, gif, or whatever, file, and I want the image to show up in my document, how do I insert it? Thanks.
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    Wow, thanks, I never knew that.

    Looking at this site: http://amath.colorado.edu/documentation/LaTeX/reference/figures.html#pdf
    under "Only non-PostScript images", it only talks about Unix and Macintosh.

    Does that mean then I must use the first option "Only PostScript images", and convert the files (.jpg,.gif etc) to postscript files?

    Can you directly get the graphics output from Matlab and gnuplot into a latex file? How?

    Thanks again for tolerating my stupid questions.
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    I use MikTeX... and I use latex, then dvips, then ghostscript (ps2pdf?) to get a .pdf file.
    I don't use pdflatex.

    With my setup, I routinely include .png files... without any conversion to .eps.
    I also include .eps files produced by gnuplot and by Maple.

    The URL you gave suggests that you can include .png and .jpg, as well as .eps.
    It does also suggest that any non-bitmapped images (e.g. non-.eps vector graphics or some other layered-format) be converted to .eps first... i.e. don't expect that those other formats will be handled corectly by your latex setup,
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    ok, i have no idea what you just said, im not a computer guy, I just use them to write reports. I also use MiKTeX btw.
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    some ide's such as winedt or others have the Button " pdflatex " in the toolbar which could compile the tex file whth non-PostScript images.
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