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Inserting quotes

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    Is there a way to insert a quote when you are editing a post? I didn't see an option to do this.
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    I just tried it in my "deletion notification thread" and it didn't work. Maybe there's some way that I don't know about.
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    Highlight the text you want to quote, then click the + button, and click Quote.

    An edit example ↓ ...
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    Ok, let me try that...

    Ok, that works but 2 problems, one, you have to do it manually with a cut and paste, two, it doesn't register the poster's name. However, at least it's halfway there. Thanks for the tip.
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    Well, it seems to...

    Or... open the edit button in a new tab, and copy and past from the previous tab...
    I left out the post number on purpose... so no arrow.

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    OCR, now try going back to your above post #5 and place another quote of mine (or anyone) right below it. Hit the edit button on post 5.
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    You do have to click + Quote over on the right, if you are replying with a quote and name... it's very hard to see.
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    Yeah, so from what I'm getting you can enter an additional quote manually through the edit function, but can't include the poster's name.

    Actually, I was able to insert my own text into your quote, see. Because you never said "how about this." So again, manually, you can insert a quote with the poster's name if you want to go back and edit a post and add another quote from someone. A bit of a hassle, though, is there a way to add the automatic quote insert on the edit feature?
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    The quotes are just part of your post text. So technically you can, but if you abuse it it will have consequences.

    I usually use the text area for a new post to collect quotes, then copy that to the edit window.
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