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Inside A RAM card

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    I am interested in knowing about the insides of a RAM card. I want to know what type of capacitors they use in RAM cards, how are they made and what is the maximum capacitance of these capacitors?... Also what type of transistors they use in the memory cells.

    How is the data read? I understand that a sense amplifier is used, but what does it do and how does it work? and how is it able to detect multiple cells at the same time or are the cells read serially? one after the other.

    If there is some source that explains these things in detail.. It would be very helpful..
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    When you talk about the RAM card are you talking about the memory you put in the dimm slots?
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    yeah... exactly... Not flash cards, RAM cards, the ones that you insert into the DIMM slots of your motherboard, the volatile ones..
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