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Insight into intelligence

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    Insight into "intelligence"

    we call one mind intelligent and another not.

    what is first of all "intelligence" ?

    is intelligence one of the quality in "thinking process" ? If so , what are the
    general rules/principles of "intelligent thinking".
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    ability to understand, whether it be knowledge, emotions, art, etc...
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    Thanks for the reply...

    we, human beings apply our senses plus thought(mind) to "understand" whatever.

    if we assume that intillegence lies in "ability to understand" as u suggested , then the very word 'ability' meaning 'able to do" is reffering to whom ? is it reffering to one external senses ability or thinking ? if it is reffering to both...then how to derive the formula of intillegence with elements( thought plus senses) of "ability" ?
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    I think intelligence is the ability to act in response to a cause with an effect that is dynamically determined by a brain/cpu to be a good idea. For instance, if you just hardwire a tree-dwelling robot to respond to movement by firing off twenty machine guns at an unsuspecting squirrel, then that's not intelligent or intelligence. The robot did not weigh various possibilities or use algorithims (as in the case of intelligent robots) or free will (as in the case of humans) to determine that firing at the squirrel was a better thing to do than not firing. The algorithms need not even be correct; if the robot was pre-programed to be biased toward going all Rambo on the squirrel, it still would have arrived at that decision by weighing the choices and deciding that one was better. Now saying that one choice is "better" than another is a touchy subject. As we all know, people can know that something is the right thing to do, but instead do something that we know is the wrong thing to do. There are two ways this could come about: if the robot was also programmed to lean towards things based on criteria other than morals and instead on criteria such as greed. The second way is if a human uses free will to choose an option.
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    This mean "Intelligene can be ONLY expressed in an ACTION" ?

    if there is no Action, there is no "Intelligence" ???
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    I think that the intelligent thing to do in some situations is not to respond.
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