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News Inspectors general under fire

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    This was in my local paper. I had to dig a bit to come up with a link to the info. It seems to me that this should be front page news. These guys were apparently finding a bit too much waste and corruption in government agencies.

    According to my local paper's version of the story there has been no inspector general for the pentagon for over a year.

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    See if you find this story in the front page news: http://www.cq.com/public/20061103approps.html

    That's about as many as there were! Lewis quite simply dissolved the entire oversight team.

    This, of course, is the same Jerry Lewis who is currently under investigation by the Justice Dept (see his wiki).
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    Great link. It applied to the appropriations committe. This is the type of thing that is going on with all government agencies. There are a lot of smaller agencies that are headed by high roller political appointees and they also are trying to get rid of oversite.

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