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Inspire a pleb

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    Try talking about astro phys to *the man in the street*, and there is no interest whatsoever, how can this be redressed ? i can tell you the black eyed peas are more of interest to the GP.
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    Well we could tackle light pollution for a start so that people can actually see the stars.
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    I think that on the whole it is a lost cause because most of the general public are genuinely not interested in objects that are so remote from life as they know it. They are also put off by the sensationalisation of the more spectaciular gee whizz bits. Something genuinlely showing the scale and grandeur of the normal bits and the sedate development of things and explaining clearly the chains of measurements that allow us to speak of this with a degree of confidence might just help a bit.
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    Well, if you try to talk to the man in the street about astro phys, I imagine he'll either call the cops or punch you in the nose, or both.

    Maybe the problem is context?

    Organize a star party in your neighbourhood. People who are interested will come, and they will be predisposed to learn about astro phys, and less likely to call the cops or punch you in the nose.
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