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Install 2 OS

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    I had a doubt, can we install 2 OS in a single system.
    If so tell me how?


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    Yeah, what OSs do you have in mind? If you're going to put linux & windows in the same box (which is probably the most common situation) it's probably easiest to 1st put the windows in and then 2nd follow by installing whatever linux variant(s) desire (and setting up the dual boot environment with grub or lilo when installing linux). Can continue to make an "N-OS" - system if want. Some links for this route:

    http://myy.helia.fi/~karte/linux/doc/linux-windows-dual-boot-resing-ntfs.html [Broken]
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    The answer is most certainly yes. The answer lies in disk partitions and the bootloader. An operating system requires its own primary partition. You can partition your disk a number of times, so you can install additional operating systems. Assuming the successful installation of two OS's, your bootloader will show the menu of these OS's when you boot your computer, and will load the corresponding OS.

    Bootloaders include the Microsoft Windows bootloaders (both the new one used for Vista and the legacy boot.ini type), GRUB, LILO, Darwin, etc.

    Since I don't know which OS's you want to set up (Windows and Linux, Windows and Windows, etc), I can't recommend the perfect guide for you, but a Google search will help you greatly. Search around for a comprehensive dual-booting tutorial. Ask if you have any more questions. Good luck!
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    Windows OS's don't require primary partitions, logical ones will work just fine. You just need a separate parition for each OS.
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