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Install COMM.DRV

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    i am just starting to learn C++, my first problem is the installation
    CD wants me to install COMM.DRV, this costs about $180, much
    to expensive for me, is an alternative available?
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    Um, why do you need a serial communication library if your staring to learn c++?

    Maybe this will help you if you need to access the serial port in windows:

    http://www.cpcug.org/user/clemenzi/technical/Languages/SerialIO.htm [Broken]
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    maybe my iq is in decline i just can not keep up, everything seems
    more complex today, i mean pitch me me straight and i can hit the
    ball, but give me a curve shot i will miss, DDURADO you are one of
    the best, i will try another tack, without CD "help," thanks.
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