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Installation of new ws, what to select XP Pro x32 or XP Pro x64 for 3dsmax 9,8, and 7

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    Dear all,

    As i am going to set up a new ws for the 3dsmax 7,8, and 9 versions (primarily 9 ) i have read a lot about what to use of hardware and software OS platform. However i am confused and absolutely unsure what to select with regard to OS platform. The more i read, the more unsure i get.

    I have already put together the hardware, and it is based upon an AMD CPU platform with NVidia screencard + asus mainboard \motherboard.

    Main goal : best possible rendering speed.
    Second goal : stability and hassle free run\operation. (i.e.drivers, viewport use, compatibility issues)

    I first though is was an easy choice, the x64 had to be the gived choice here, but after some reading i am completely unsure if that really is a fact.

    I got a tip about this forum as a great expertise source from a friend and would like to ask the members here for help and advice.

    What to select and install? XP Pro x32 or XP Pro x64 ??

    Any advice would be highly appreceiated.
    Sincerely, thj.
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    Does your package run natively under xp64, xp64 will run 32bit programs but there is a speed penalty. Unless you need to access more than 2Gb of memory there is a speed penalty running under 64bit anyway since it effectively haves the cache size for most operations ( have to store 8bytes/pointer rather than 4).
    Another problem is that drivers for xp64 are generally unavailable or poor quality.
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