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Installed my first Linux Operating system

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    I have recently installed my first Linux Operating system, Red Hat 9. I have no problem navigating the visual interfaces (I was originaly a windows user, and I was able to open files, save things, and all the easy things that the visual things let one do), but I have been trying to install things and unless it is in .rpm form I can't do it. I have found how to unzip the .gzip files, I have learned how to get a terminal up, and I have found the instalation instructions, but I don't even know the simple things about how to cd to a file or whatever else they are talking about. I have been searching the internet for information on how to get the extreamly basic stuff out of the way, but I can't find anyting. It seams like, any information, assumes that I already know how to do the really basic things in a command line system. I need someone to either tell me how to cd to a certain file, or tell me where I can find some really easy linux commandline, or software instalation explanations.

    P.S. please don't laugh at the linux daft person.
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    Unix includes a powerful built-in help system called "manual," or "man" for short. To get information on how to use any command, just type "man <command>." For example, to unzip .gz files, use the "gunzip" command. To read about the gunzip command, type "man gunzip."

    If you can link us to the documentation for the program you're trying to install, we'll be glad to walk you through it step-by-step. Unix does have a steep learning curve, but you'll likely come to appreciate its directness very quickly.

    If you're having trouble mastering basic filesystem manipulation, like the "cd" command, do a "man bash" and read all about the bash shell. The bash shell takes your command-line input, interprets it, and runs the commands. Commands like "cd" are not standalone programs like gunzip, but are built right into the shell.

    - Warren
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    thanks I will thry the "man bash" and get back to you.

    The things i am trying to install are a media player, Particularly for DVD's but preferably for other media sources as well. Do you have any suggestions on a good one?
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    I'm not sure which DVD player is best for Linux, but tell me which one you're trying to install (or, preferably, link me directly to its install instructions) and I'll help you through it.

    - Warren
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    I have been trying to attach the read me file, but the attachments section said that it is an invalid file type.

    I am trying MPlayer, if that helps any.
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    I would suggest getting YUM for redhat 9.

    http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/download.ptml [Broken]

    When you want to install a package, say mplayer, all you have to do is go to the command line, change to root by using the "su" command and typing:

    yum install mplayer

    Btw, I prefer xine over mplayer for watching dvds.

    [edit] If you want to know what other things you can do with yum you can type:

    man yum
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    Xine is my preferred player for any type of multimedia file (including DVDs and VCDs). I might also suggest Ogle. If you dig around you may be able to find a graphical interface for it. Ogle was the first open source DVD player to support DVD menu navigation with a mouse or other peripheral. As of now, Xine also supports such navigation features if you have the correct libraries (libdvdcss and libdvdnav?). You might also consider mplayer and it's graphical interface, gmplayer.

    I'm glad to see that you are using an alternative to Windows, but remember Linux is not the only operating system better than Windows.
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