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Installed some new ram now pc crashes

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    I recently installed some new ram, a cd burner and a new video card. the card is a GeForce FX 5200. My computer worked flawlessly before this upgrade. Now it is freezing every now and then and it almost always freezes whenever it hibernates. I figured this was a power issue since my old power supply only supplied 123W and the video card alone required 150W. So I replaced the old power supply with a 300W one. I thought everything would work fine after that but my computer keeps freezing. Not nearly as much anymore but it does and it still always freezes whenever it hibernates. Could it be bad ram or something?

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    Could be ram, but what are the system specs: motherboard, processor, and operating system specifically. Also, if its just when hibernating, why not stop having it hibernate?
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    It doesn't just happen when it hibernates. It happens alot when I'm listening to music and playing games at the same time. I have an AMD Athlon processor, 1.04 gigs of ram and im not sure what my mother board is. Since it happens alot when I'm listening to music alot, could it be my audio driver?
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    300W is a bit low, especially with all the specs your talking about. You should be at around 400 to 500 W. Antec is top of the line and no more than $100 if you shop right. Never skimp on power supplies.

    Also, you could try getting the lastest patches for windows xp.

    (http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp/r1023045997 [Broken])

    It could also be a ram issue. Try taking out the new ram you put in.

    Check if there are any IRQ conflicts.

    Try reinstalling drivers.

    Try reinstalling windows.
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    It seems to have been the ram, back to the slower version of my computer:frown:

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    if your planning on getting more ram, make sure you get the proper clock speed. If the speed of the ram and the speed of the FSB don't match up, you'd probably be in for some trouble.

    If you bought it online, you'll probably have a hard time getting a refund. IF you bought it at a Comp USA type store, just tell them it screwed up your pc, perhaps bring your Motherboard (or owners) manual with you so they can determine the correct ram for your pc.
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    I got some new ram and it seems to work fine.
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