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Installing more RAM than

  1. Jul 20, 2005 #1
    Installing more RAM than....

    Im trying to install 1.5 gb of ram on a computer that the factory says can only handle 1.0 gb. Now, if i try it and it doesnt work then im out 15% of 93 bucks for a restocking fee (cheap basterds). So I am wondering if anyone has done this before and know someway that it can work. This is not a 1.5 gb stick, but right now i have 512 in and just bought a 1 gb stick. So in total 1.5 gb.

    All and any help appreciated....
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    A bios update may do it, but other than that, you're probably out of luck.
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    If it does not work at all, then remove the 512MB module and try using the 1GB module by itself.
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    I think the motherboard probably has 2 spaces for RAM that are only capable of handling 512MB RAM sticks.
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    Thats it. Spose to only hold 2 512.
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    It's probably a hardware impediment. If the board can only handle DIMMs up to 512MB, then the 1GB stick likely won't work at all.
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    Sell the extra 512MB memory on ebay.
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    If the hardware only recognizes 512MB per slot, then the new memory may not be recognizable at all by the machine.
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    I would be careful here. It is possible that certain 512 chips wont work either. It sounds like the chip density is the limiting factor here.
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    Yah the 1gb chip probably wouldnt even work on its own....

    i wonder what happened to the OP
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    Mobos are programmed to run with a certain amount of everything and set at speeds. It probably wont work, and even if it did it would be very dangerous to run. (fry your mobo.)
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