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Instant Data Travel?

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    Instant Data Travel??

    Ok so I just read something and I am utterly confused...

    INSTANT data travel??????????????

    It had to do with quantum entanglement and quantum teleportation.
    Is this stuff real?? I see the news on PhysOrg saying quantum teleportation of photon achieved at 16 km...


    Can someone please tell me if there is something fishy behind this or if data travel can be instant, at ANY DISTANCES??

    This is mind blowing,
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    Re: Instant Data Travel??

    Quantum teleportation can NOT be used to transfer data faster than light. So no, you can't use if for "instant data travel".

    (it is very unfortunate that the word "teleportation" is used to describe these experiments, no wonder most people don't understand what is actully being done)
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    Re: Instant Data Travel??

    haha, thanks. Quantum entanglement is very interesting still though.
    I have much to learn!
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    Re: Instant Data Travel??

    Every time I read about quantum teleportation I think of this:
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