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Instant Messaging

  1. Sep 7, 2008 #1
    How many people actually use IM? How many different services of IM do you own and what are they? (ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM, MSN,etc....)

    I know of people that have several, myself included, and I was just curious as to what other have and use...
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  3. Sep 7, 2008 #2
    I use MSN predominantly...Check out Pidgin, it lets you use all of your accs at once, really easy. Way better than Trillian.
  4. Sep 7, 2008 #3
    I used ICQ about 10 years ago, when it was cool.
  5. Sep 7, 2008 #4
    I dont use any of them anymore. I have a cell phone or email.
  6. Sep 7, 2008 #5
    I like MSN (and use it mainly for this reason) because I can send SMS to my friends.
  7. Sep 7, 2008 #6
    In high school I used to use MSN a lot, I haven't used IM in about 4 years now though.
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    I don't use instant messaging at all anymore, aside from the (slightly annoying) facebook chat function.
  9. Sep 7, 2008 #8
    I used to use MSN, Yahoo, and AIM. However, now I only use AIM (very seldom). I prefer email.
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    I'm constantly on MSN.
  11. Sep 7, 2008 #10
    I am always on msn with offline status. I used for my web-programming work too.
  12. Sep 7, 2008 #11
    I'm on AOL instant messenger sometimes, but I always stay invisible and have a very big "blocked" list. This way only people I want to talk to message me :)
  13. Sep 7, 2008 #12
    I thought that's not normal.
  14. Sep 7, 2008 #13


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    I used to use Yahoo and MSN, but they got really difficult to deal with...especially Yahoo seemed to start using more bandwidth for ads than for chat and there would be freeze-ups and lags that got frustrating. I use Skype now, but only use it to chat with my boyfriend so we can use video chat and actually see each other while we talk. We don't actually use the IM part...I'd rather talk and see his face than type. It makes it a bit easier to live so far apart.

    And, like Beeza, I usually keep myself invisible while on chat, because I HATE being interrupted by obnoxious pests who think that just because they see someone online, they should randomly try to chat with them.
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  16. Sep 7, 2008 #15
    I'm not sure I like the Facebook chat thing, it makes your screen/tabs blink alot. I mainly use my MSN now, no one on that is annoying :biggrin:
  17. Sep 7, 2008 #16
    I used to use AIM a lot. Now I don't use anything, just text messaging/e-mail/or phone.
  18. Sep 7, 2008 #17
    Google mail has a nifty built-in chat function that's pretty handy. I use that with one person and Skype with my best friend so we can make faces at each other by webcam. Now that beats the heck out of phone calls.
  19. Sep 7, 2008 #18


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    Nobody on my friends list. Skype makes it easy to prevent anyone from trying to start a conversation if they aren't already on your friends list, but Yahoo used to be really a pain. You could block people afterward, but it didn't seem to block them from trying to make initial contact. Plus, the last upgrade of it also made it impossible to hide the email notifications (the only email my Yahoo account gets is spam since I only used it to chat). Fortunately, I found Skype and got to delete Yahoo.
  20. Sep 7, 2008 #19
    When I used ICQ I felt obligated to say something to anyone on my list if they were online. Plus I'd throw a few messages to anyone who wasn't online in case they were just hiding because I'm sure they wouldn't be hiding from me.
  21. Sep 14, 2008 #20


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    I just get used to sing in yahoo when I come on but I really don't feel like chatting anymore.I'm getting old...:tongue:
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