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Instant sober-up

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    So, what actually happens when we get drunk?

    Should I hold out any hope? I want someone to develop a quick sober-up drug, such that I can go out drinking, then take this tablet with a glass or two of water, wait 20 minutes, and then be safe to drive? Is this just impossible because of the workings of the human body, or is it just a case of pharmeceutical knowhow?

    Apologies if it's a stupid question, my Biology knowledge pretty much ends at GCSE.
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    I don't know of any drugs or agents which can be used to avoid experiencing the effects of alcohol. It's a fairly complicated process of CNS depression and loss of motor control, etc. There are drugs available that supposedly can reduce or eliminate the after-effects of alcohol, i.e. the hangover. If you do a web search for RU-21 or other such drugs you can find them as OTC supplements. I have no experience with these, but apparently they work for some people.
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    Crank - except it wont take 20 minutes - it will only take about 20 seconds.

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    if you can believe movies(A Beautiful Mind), not enough water for your kreb cycles
    not sure what you can do for that. as for intoxication itself, any product that claims to keep you from getting drunk (that works) probably just soaks up the alcohol.
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    yeah. I've never tried this but my uncle says it works. You just drink about a half a cup of olive/vegetable oil....... I think its olive, that coats the inside of your stomach. I makes it so that the alchol isn't absorbed as quickly into the blood stream, thus enabling you to have a clear head. I don't know if it works for the hangover but you might be able to drive.
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    Urrrm... :uhh:
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    good urmm or bad urrrmm? I know, it must taste a lot like this. :yuck: or :cry: or :eek:. Anyways, yeah its gotta be gross.
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    Bad urmm. Even if the oil slowed absorption of the alcohol somewhat, it's not going to prevent it entirely, and how quickly it happens is going to depend a lot on how much you drink and how quickly and it's not going to do anything to stop the effects of the alcohol that is absorbed. It sure as heck isn't going to make you safe to drink and drive. I also would imagine that drinking a cup of oil would have quite an unpleasant effect on the lower GI tract! :yuck: Perhaps it would be the need to rush off to the bathroom every 5 min that prevents you from over-imbibing in the first place. :bugeye:
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    HA HA HA!!!! ROGL! O man. I think you got it there.
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    Run your blood through a charcoal filter. :eek:
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