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Instant vaporization of water

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    I recall watching a show that discussed several personal flying devise the military had invented over the years. One of them was the Hiller's flying platform, but there was another that they mentioned. It was a jet pack of sorts (I can't recall it's name) and it used steam. I don't know if I remember how it worked, but if I am right, it would combine water and some other substance and the water would instantly vaporize.

    I'm not as much interested in a reference as to what the jet pack was called or if I misunderstood how it worked (Although I probably did). I wish to know if there is some liquid that can be combined with water to vaporize it without reaching it's boiling point?

    Thank you.
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    You can lower the boiling point by adding other low boiling liquid (like ethanol for example), but it won't vaporize the water. For that you need a lot of energy, regardless of the temperature.
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    I suspect it was concentrated H2O2. A catalyst triggered decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide can be very violent (even explosive if confined). The products are H2O (steam if hot enough) and O2, basically non-toxic.
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