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Instantaneous action of gravity

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    Instantaneous action of gravity
    According to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, instantaneous action at a distance was seen to violate the relativistic upper limit on speed of propagation of information. For example if a massive object was removed will the effect be instantaneous or not
    If so then meaning information had been transmitted faster than the speed of light. This violates the relativistic upper limit on speed of propagation of information
    Speed of expansion of space is known to be faster that light
    Is it possible that changes in the curvature of space also can be faster that light
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    Probably not, but we do not know any way to remove objects from our world.

    It depends on the coordinates you use. This is not a local speed, and it is not a speed of something in spacetime - it is not limited to anything.
    That is a completely different thing, and measurements did not find any FTL-propagation yet.
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    Effect will occur at the same time object is seen to disappear (gravity moves at the speed of light).
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