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Instantaneous communication

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    I'm working on an illustrative analogy for instantaneous communication by entangled particles.

    I am planning to write something along these lines, but I want to see if anyone can tell me if I'm missing something here:

    "Imagine a rod that is connected in a frictionless and weightless environment between two distant points. The rod is solid, with a material that is so dense that it will not compress.

    An operator (sender) at one end taps a morse-code message to a receiver at the other end. The rod moves easily with each tap, and thus, the message is communicated instantaneously between the sender and receiver - because the rod connects the two locations..."

    Is there some reason this would not work?
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    Sorry, there's no such thing. :H
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    So that is the problem with this example - there will be a compression wave that moves at no faster than C?
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    Bingo! :biggrin:
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    Awesome, thanks for the quick help. That saved me some grief :rolleyes:
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    I might be wrong but i believe the wave would only move at about the speed of sound in the material of the rod.
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    yup exactly .. the speed of sound relative to the density of the rod's composition
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    This video might also interest you:

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