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Instead Schrodinger's Cat

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    Is it correct to consider instead Schrodinger's Cat next case?
    I to propose to consider the next task.
    Let's consider girl Ann. Once night she was contact with Bob.
    Is Ann mothercarry or no? If no its state 0. If yes, 1. We can say that Ann is in superposition 0 and 1.
    For the demonstration the entangled states we can consider two girls Ann and Sarah. Ann was meet Bob in New York. And Sarah in Chicago.
    If they will be born children, the children will be similar because they have the same daddy Bob. Than for Ann and Sarah we can write the entangled states relationship.
    If the child will be similar because they have the same daddy Bob, we can say that there is correlation between children. It is the way to consider the quantum teleportation.
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    And your point is?

    The point of "Schroedinger's Cat" was that quantum level events can have macro level effects. I see nothing but a not-too-accurate simile in yours.
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