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Instilling interst

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    I am wondering how I can get my 7 year old son interested in science. He is a very bright boy and I want to steer in to science if I can. He loves the planets and stuff but I am not that knowledgable about science stuff unless it is computer related :)
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    Take up model rocketry. That's what got me into it as a young tyke.

    It starts off innocent. Big noise, big whoosh, cool stuff. And then the inevitable question... HOW HIGH DID IT GO DADDY?

    For the planets, you can get a telescope and a beginning astronomy book (assuming you've got decent sky where you live).

    Chemistry sets are good.

    Electricity sets are also cool. It's amazing how a couple wires and some gizmos turn themselves into radios, alarms, etc.

    I also used to love taking things apart. Hit a flea market and buy old appliances (don't do it with TVs... the capacitors can hold huge charge) and take them apart together just to see what's inside.

    Good luck!
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