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Instrument accuracy

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    If an electromechanical instrument's (say a galvanometer) accuracy is given as a percentage of its full scale deflection, what would its accuracy be at anything lower than full scale deflection?

    My thoughts:
    If say full scale deflection is 100V
    The error is +-1% which is +-1V,
    Does that mean at a reading of 50V it would still be +-1V which would be be +-2%?

    Or does it remain as a percentage error, and the error would be +-0.5 V at +-1% still?
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    Galvanometers are linear so expect 1% error throughout its range.
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    Sorry i meant to type voltmeter in there.
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    If the tolerances are given by the manufactures, that should be valid throughout its range.
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