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Instruments in titration

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    Is a pipette used to transport the aqeous reactant to the flask.
    Is a burette used to transport the titrant in the flask.

    So a pipette is smaller than a burette? What other differences between the two. Is flask, pipette and burette the key instruments in titration?
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    You are correct on everything. A pipette is an extremely accurate piece of glassware that always delivers the same amount of fluid to a flask if used properly (or breaker or some other container). The burette delivers a titrant, allowing you to observe how much titrant is needed to reach your goal of the experiment (such as the equivalence point).

    In addition to the equipment above, it is important to have a magnetic stirrer so that the solution is evenly mixed.

    Wikipedia has some light reading on these instruments
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    Chemhelper was referring to a volumetric pipette, you want to use it to deliver a fixed volume of the solution that is to be titrated into the flask. The burrette is employed to contain the primary standard during the actual titration experiment.
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