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Homework Help: Intake Manifold Design

  1. Apr 23, 2012 #1
    I'm new here saw some information i liked here at one point or another and i decided it would be a nice place to join. I am a hgh school senior and next year i plan to go into mechanical engineering.
    For one of my senior projects im planning on designing and making a custom intake manifold usng ram air theory and maybe some other special things. I have three different designs right now but cant really tell which would be the best design.
    This manifold is being made for a small single cylinder in block valve carberated engine on a go-kart. (I know it doesnt need a special intake but couldn't decde on a better project) My three different designs so far are
    #1 A runner of L length, determined by a formula goes straight out of the rear and the car is attached to the phelum on the engine, intake facing rear of go kart.
    #2 A runner of L length, goes up and to the rear at a 40 degree angle and then the car is attached to a phelum at the end facing the front of the kart.
    #3 A runner of L length, is run to the top of the engine with two turns where the carb is then facing towards the front of the car.
    My concerns are that first, is #1 will be strouded because it faces rearward at higher speeds although it would be a straight shot to the port, is #2 is too much of a transiton for in coming air and create its own restriction and also allow fuel to seperate out, #3 has the most bends but also allows for a better transition with less shrouding.
    If anyone has info they could through out it would be really helpful. I need some good sources showing a little of the information since it is a school project. I would also like to hear any new or different design suggestions if you have any since all these plans came out of my head with the little knowledge i know about fluid dynamics.
    The Engine is fixed and cannot be moved.
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