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Integral calc questions

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    Hi, im studying for my integral exam in 2 weeks,andim trying really hard to understand a few calc questions which i really cant get how to solve,
    (ALL these questions are integrations questions)
    i tried to put 1.ln^n (X) but i cant seem to get the answer right
    ^^^^ this is a derivation

    2) same with tan^n (x)

    i dont know how to integrate sec^(any even or odd power) x

    x/(a+bx )1/2. how is this equal to 2/3b^2(bx-2a)(a+bx)^1/2
    how do i derive tan^n(x)


    PLEASE help
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    welcome to pf!

    hi avleen! welcome to pf! :smile:

    (have a square-root: √ and try using the X2 icon just above the Reply box :wink:)

    let's start with tannx, = (tanx)n

    you need to use the https://www.physicsforums.com/library.php?do=view_item&itemid=353"

    you know how to differentiate xn, so to differentiate (tanx)n you put tanx = u …

    ok, now you try it, and we'll see where you're going wrong :smile:
    are you sure? that doesn't look right :redface:
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