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Integral (cos x)^2 dx

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    Do any one have an idea how to calculate integral of (cos x)^2 ? Or is it even possible? I tried some substitutions and/or rules of trigonometry, like cosxcosx+sinxsinx=1, but it didn't help. Thank you!
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    Therefore cos2x=(1+cos2x)/2

    I'll let you finish.
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    Thank you. :) integral (cos x)^2 dx
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    dont you have to use half angle identities to get integral of cos^2 ?
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    No, double angle formulas as mathman said.
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    an easy way to remember the solution to this common integral, when integrating over a whole period:

    cos^2 x + sin ^2 x =1
    [tex] \int cos^2 x = \int sin^2 x [/tex]
    , at least when you integrate over a whole period

    [tex] \int cos^2 x + \int sin^2 x =[/tex] length of a period

    so the integral gives length of a period divided by 2
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    Why does this thread have over 16,000 views?

    edit: Oh, it's four years old.
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    First use the half-angle formula to change the cos(x)^2 to (1+cos(2x))/2...
    This will allow you to break the integral into two seperate problems much easier to solve
    integral{ 1/2dx + integral{ cos(2x)dx
    Then you will have x/2 + (sin(2x)/2) + C
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    What the, that's not even correct. If you're gonna revive a 5-year old thread, at least make sure you don't have arithmetic errors.
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    sin(2x)/4 ;)
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    use the euler's formula

    cos x= [e^ix+e^-ix ]
    [ 2 ]
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    This is crazy. The very first reply, post #2, answered the question. Six years ago!
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