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Integral: e^(-1/x)

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    Can someone help me with this integral?

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    Just follow the rules for exponential integration.

    [tex]\int[/tex] [tex]e^{u}[/tex] du = [tex]e^{u}[/tex] + C

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    If this is the integral:
    [tex]\int e^{-1/x}dx[/tex]

    an ordinary substitution is not much help. Alexx1, can you show us the complete integral you're trying to do?
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    If the problem were [itex]\int e^u du[/itex], but it isn't and there is no good way to change it to that form.

    It looks to me like [itex]\int e^{1/x} dx[/itex] does not have an anti-derivative in terms of elementary functions.
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    in terms of an exponential integral function...

    \int \!{{\rm e}^{-{x}^{-1}}}{dx}=x{{\rm e}^{-{x}^{-1}}}-{\rm Ei}_1
    \left({x}^{-1} \right)

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    Yes, now I see that a simple substitution is not the way to proceed. Thanks for correcting me.

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