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Integral equation

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    i am trying to solve the integral equation

    g(x)=Int(0,infinite)f(t)st/exp(st)-1)) the Kernel is

    K(s,t)=st/(exp(st)-1) so K(s,t)=K(t,s) is symmetric..so their eigenfunctions will be orthogonal and their eignevalues real..but i do not kow if f(t) belongs to L**2 so we could i solve it using a series of eigenfunctions?...thanks.

    what otgher method to approach the solutions are known?..
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    matt grime

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    1. the left hand side is a function of x. there is no x on the righthand side
    2. what is the integral with respect to? ds, dt, d(st)?
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