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Integral equation

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    hi guys,

    i need help with following eqation.

    (2x+5) (x^2-3)
    --------------- << entire equation is divide by x.

    i need integral value of this equation.

    thank you in advance,

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    You also need help with notation. This is not an integral "equation" because you have no equation- no equal sign. You appear to be asking for the integral
    [tex]\int \frac{(2x+5)(x^2-3)}{x}dx[/tex]

    Looks pretty straight forward to me: (2x+5)(x2-3)= 2x3+ 5x2- 6x- 15 so
    [tex]\frac{(2x+5)(x^2-3)}{x}= 2x^2+ 5x- 6-\frac{15}{x}[/tex].

    Can you integrate that?
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