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Integral help

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    heres a funky one I can't do
    \int \frac{6t \,dt}{\sqrt{1-2t^2}}

    here's what I've done
    I changed it so it looks like this:
    \int 6t(1-2t^2)^{-1/2} dt
    Then I substituted u for 1-2t^2 and got du= -4t*dt
    Where do I go from here?
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    Take 6 as 4 * 1.5 and put [tex](1-2t^2) = u [/tex] so that [tex]4tdt[/tex] becomes [tex]du[/tex]. Then you can proceed normally. The integral now contains [tex]1.5*u^{-1/2}du[/tex].

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    Rather than "seeing" that 6= 4*1.5,

    Another way to look at this is: taking u to be 1-2t2 so that du= -4tdt, then tdt= -(1/4)du and 6tdt/√(1-2t2) becomes
    6(-1/4)du/u1/2= (-3/2)u-1/2du
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