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Homework Help: Integral of 1 / 1 + sqrt [x]

  1. Aug 17, 2008 #1
    Hi, I am a newbie here and would like to ask you stg. integral of 1 / 1 + sqrt [x]

    I used chain rule and used x = u^2 is that true?

    Thanx for any replies
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    Re: Integral: x/1+sqrt(x)

    Do the substitutions that neutrino and morphism suggested.
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    Re: Integral: x/1+sqrt(x)

    Can't you use integration by parts?
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    Re: integral

    I'm doing this in my head and not fully awake, so I could be wrong.
    we have 1/(1+sqrt(x)) You can use the substitution that you've shown.
    So we end up with 2u/1+u
    remember you can substitute more than once....
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