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Homework Help: Integral of rational function

  1. Oct 5, 2014 #1
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    Im trying to find the integral of ( sec(t)^2 ) / ( (tan(t)^3) + (tan(t)^2) ). I've managed to get the
    integral into the form

    1 / (u^3 + u^2) where u = tan(t), however Im having difficulty proceeeding from there.

    Could someone take a look at the working out I have attached and let me know what Im not doing right? (the correct answer is written in red pen on 2nd page)

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    In order to evaluate ##\int\frac{1}{u^2(u+1)}\ du##, you want to use partial fraction decomposition, and that alone. You do not need to do any integration by parts. You have a correct general form $$\frac{1}{u^2(u+1)}=\frac{A}{u^2}+\frac{B}{u+1}+\frac{C}{u}$$ for the PFD, but then it looks like it all goes south after that, and you just gave up on that idea. Stick with that Idea.
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